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Population Party - Candidates

WESTERN AUSTRALIA - 2014 Senate election (re-run)


Dick Smith, Peter Strachan and William Bourke speak about the SPP and the WA Senate election:


Lead Senate candidate | Peter Strachan - Corporate analyst

Peter Strachan has a science degree, majoring in metallurgy (procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects). He also has tertiary qualifications in finance. Peter is an experienced presenter at major conferences, and has significant media commentary experience on mining and finance issues. He has travelled widely and he lived and worked outside of Australia for a total of 11 years, working in the mining industry in Zambia, Papua New Guinea and Australia and as corporate analyst and stockbroker in the City of London. He now runs an Australian Financial Services licensed, independent financial and corporate analysis business.


2014 Griffith by-election candidate

Griffith candidate | Timothy Lawrence - IT professional

Timothy is keen to assist in raising public awareness of sustainability, of which population is a crucial component. Recently married and looking to the future, Timothy is concerned about overdevelopment, housing affordability and cost of living for all citizens. He is 23 and encourages everyone to think 'out of the box' to seek solutions to global problems caused by unsustainable, exponential growth. Timothy, a software developer, is currently working as a games programmer and web designer in Taringa, Brisbane. He enjoys gardening and is an aspiring permaculturalist and cultivator-mycologist, while also being interested in philosophy, ethics, art and reading.

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2013 federal election candidates

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Lead Senate Candidate - William Bourke

William is president and founder of the Sustainable Population Party. William has a strong interest in population and sustainability issues as they relate to environmental, economic and social wellbeing. He has a business background in financial services and communications.

Also see 'Founder and President' page: CLICK HERE

Senate Candidate - Kris Spike

Kris Spike is a composer, teacher and sustainability advocate who feels very strongly that the laudable efforts of environment groups will never succeed until the population issue is resolved and stabilised. As well as composing and performing his music as a way to reach people with this message, Kris has had a long involvement with many environmental groups.

Berowra candidate - Deborah Smythe

Deborah has a professional background in commercial property funds management, and is currently involved in specialist publishing in the health industry. Deborah has a Bachelor of Business with Distinction and a Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management. She is a committed environmentalist, with a keen interest in bush regeneration.

Lindsay Candidate - Geoff Brown

A Penrith resident since 1974 Geoff is dedicated to protecting Western Sydney’s environment and the quality of life of its residents. As the President of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance Inc (WSCA) Geoff believes the only hope we have of arresting further environmental and social decline is if we stabilise our population. Geoff knows only too well the importance of participating in the political process having contested several elections. At the last two federal elections WSCA candidates contesting the seat of Lindsay extracted $22.5 million in commitments from Labor for nature conservation. Geoff is self employed and married with children.

Eden-Monaro Candidate - Martin Tye

Martin has been a small business owner for 30 years. He is passionate about small business, and believes it is the lifeblood of regional Australia. "Population growth mainly benefits the ‘big end of town’ and short term interests,” he says. Martin's work experiences range from: music & book retail, food and event organisation; to labouring and gardening. He previously obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Geography from the University of Canberra in 1983, and lives on the south coast. Martin's interests include surfing, water polo, anything outdoors, and most importantly, ensuring that we hand this wonderful country on to future generations in good shape. Martin believes that building a ‘Better, not Bigger’ Australia with a diverse and resilient economy is the key to revitalising Eden-Monaro.

Warringah candidate - Mike Cottee

Mike is a retired journalist and Qantas media adviser, with tertiary qualifications in finance and management. His interest in the effects of population growth spans three decades. Mike believes that the much-used phrase 'sustainable growth' as it relates to human impacts on the natural world is as nonsensical as 'unsustainable stability.' Other interests include family, reading, bodysurfing, photography and bush-walking.



Lead Senate Candidate - Dr Jane O'Sullivan

Dr. Jane O'Sullivan is an agricultural scientist and honorary research fellow in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences in The University of Queensland. Jane has studied and written extensively on population issues and participated in population conferences in developing world nations including Uganda.

Senate candidate - Matt Moran

Matt as a boy heard Jacques Cousteau point to human population growth as the primary source of environmental damage and has ever since kept an ear to the ground on population growth. Matt graduated with a degree in Electrical/Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Queensland and has since worked in Western Australia, Birmingham (UK) and Queensland in software development. Following his degree, Matt has grown increasingly passionate on population and continues to encourage any who will listen, to join the dots on population growth.

Brisbane candidate - John Roles

John Roles is a qualified professional engineer, with extensive experience in the provision of industrial infrastructure (including power, gas and oil). John has been General Manager a construction company with over 100 employees, submitted papers to Government white papers and is a member of the Australian Society for the study of Peak Oil. John's other interests include his family, study of home food production and world economics.

Griffith candidate - Jan McNicol

Jan has been a friend of plants and animals and concerned about the impact of the growing human population on them, since she gave money to buy habitat for wombats in 1966 at the age of thirteen. She has been a political candidate in 1974 for a minor environmental party and in 2004 stood for the Queensland seat of Mansfield for the Queensland Greens, of which she was secretary in 2002 and 2003. Jan is a keen gardener, recreational cyclist and meditator, with other interests in Gandhian nonviolence and bush regeneration.



Lead Senate candidate - Greg Oates

Greg is a process engineer in the energy industry and has worked on operations in remote Australia and in design involving energy efficiency. Greg has a track record of high achievement, including dux of his school, and graduating from Adelaide University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (First-class Honours). Greg's interest in the party arose from the reality that sustainability can not be engineered when lumped with a bulging population, the observation of what makes a good (and bad) place to live whilst on his travels and from listening to the concerns of others.

Senate candidate - Madeleine Wearne

Through information gathered from a lifelong involvement and commitment to conservation, Madeleine believes anything other than a stable population would be catastrophic for our planet. In fact anything less than a stable population policy is absurd. Madeleine has established many likeminded contacts through both her professional and personal involvement with local, national and international environmental organisations. Through these contacts, she has determined that most people have grave concerns about unsustainable population growth. Like many others, she too, has been waiting in vain for any of the major parties to even begin to address population growth as the fundamental problem of the planet.



Lead Senate candidate - Todd Dudley

Todd has professional expertise in botany, wildlife surveys, bush regeneration/ecological restoration, conservation planning, environmental law and environmental education. Todd is the Founder of the North East Bioregional Network dedicated to the protection, maintenance and restoration of the environment in NE Tasmania.

Senate candidate - Pierre Richardson

Pierre presents a bio, in his own words: Born in outback Queensland and one of ten children, life was never easy. A trade background in the hospitality industry working in Australia and overseas for over twenty five years. Graduated with a Bachelor in teaching (2005), teaching classroom English in East Asia for three years. The biggest threat to our flora and fauna is habitat destruction exacerbated by rapid population growth. Governments seem hell-bent on growth policies at any cost. These are global issues with a strong relationship to how we act locally. Our party offers a viable alternative.

Denison candidate - Brandon Hoult

Brandon Hoult is 33 years old and has been a candidate before in state and local government elections. Brandon's political hero is independent British politician William Wilberforce who Abolished the Slave trade in most of the British Empire 180 years ago. Brandon and William Wilberforce both have Crohn's Disease an autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal tract Brandon has had a large part of his lower intestinal tract removed 12 years ago. Brandon knows how important our Health system 'Medicare' is for Australians and those with medical ailments. He is deeply concerned that in 3 years time Australia will hit 24 million and the current model of Medicare will be not be financially sustainable and we will have to water down Medicare which will impact negatively on all Australians.

Brandon is aware that in a period of rapid population growth, Australia has gone from 6 (public & private) hospital beds per 1000 people in 1970-71 down to 3.8 per 1000 in 2010-11. Brandon is campaigning for a stable population in part to help relieve overstretched infrastructure including hospitals, schools, roads and public transport.



Lead Senate candidate - Clifford Hayes

Clifford Hayes is an experienced local politician with over five years as a councillor at Bayside City Council in Melbourne. He held the position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Clifford was elected by the community on a platform of planning reform, opposing high rise over-development in Bayside (100,000 residents). Clifford also has significant experience in the film and television industry and farm management (viticulture). He enjoys swimming and the arts.

Senate candidate - Jill Quirk

Jill has been particularly active in campaigning for a sustainable population over the last 10 years after a lifelong interest and concern for the environment especially our native fauna. She approaches this issue as a writer and artist as well as leading and educating on the issue within an environmental population organisation. She is convinced that for future survival not only of Australia’s wildlife but ultimately for its people, we must plan towards a stable population living within the severe environmental constraints of our land.

Lalor candidate - Jonathan Page

Jonathan has a professional background in science and a strong connection with the Australian environment, having spent much of his formative years bushwalking. He treasures the beauty of many other species on this planet and is pained when hearing about the next Australian species under threat due to land clearing or other human activity. Jonathan is also particularly concerned about the housing affordability crisis, which of course, is exacerbated by rapidly growing demand for a finite resource (habitable land in well serviced areas).

Melbourne candidate - Michael Bayliss

Michael has post graduate degrees in both economics and sport science and has developed inclusive sports programs for people with disabilities in capital cities across Australia (was finalist in the WA support worker awards in 2012). He has also been an advocate and campaigner for disability inclusion, animal rights and sustainable town planning. Michael strongly believes that a stable population will help address Australia's housing crisis, environmental toll and infrastructure debt.

Melbourne Ports candidate - Steven Armstrong

Steven is an electronics contractor and a surfer. Steven became interested in the population issue 25 years ago when he was astounded to hear Bob Hawke urging us all on to 50 million. Having waited patiently for the major parties to come to their senses, Steven now realises this is not going to happen. In order to offer a democratic choice to the people of Melbourne Ports, and challenge 'big Australia' advocate Michael Danby MP, Steven has decided to act.



Lead Senate candidate - Peter Strachan

Peter Strachan has a science degree, majoring in metallurgy (procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects). He also has tertiary qualifications in finance. Peter is an experienced presenter at major conferences, and has significant media commentary experience on mining and finance issues. He has travelled widely and he lived and worked outside of Australia for a total of 11 years, working in the mining industry in Zambia, Papua New Guinea and Australia and as corporate analyst and stockbroker in the City of London. He now runs an Australian Financial Services licensed, independent financial and corporate analysis business.

Senate candidate - John Banks

John Banks is an Arboriculturist (Urban Forester), Horticulturist and Teacher, resident in Denmark, WA. He has studied, worked and travelled throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and every part of WA. For 23 years he operated an Arboricultural Consultancy practice in Perth. His travels alerted him to the serious environmental and human problems Australia could experience if it overpopulated. He believes his concerns are being realised as Australia's soaring population growth has become the primary cause of the accelerating destruction of the natural environment, escalating cost of infrastructure, rapidly diminishing water resources and overall decline in quality of life. He proudly helped form the Population Party to give Australians a choice on this most important of issues.



Lead Senate candidate - Mark O'Connor

Mark O'Connor is Australia's foremost expert on the effects of population growth, having written several publications on the issue including the books This Tired Brown Land and Overloading Australia (with William Lines). Mark has published several book of poetry on regions of Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountains, and in 2000 was funded by the Australia Council to be Australia's poet of the 2000 Olympic Games. He was recently elected an Australian Conservation Foundation Councillor.

For further details on Overloading Australia: CLICK HERE

Senate candidate - Gregory Graham

Gregory Graham is a self-employed computer technician of 17 years and previously an electronic imaging bureau salesman, geophysical survey data technician, tennis centre manager and coach. Born and raised in Rabaul PNG, son of a government administrator, Greg gained an Associate Diploma in Business (Microcomputer Systems) in 1993. Greg and his wife of 16 years Lisa follow politics, particularly domestic, and is committed to the sustainable coexistence of people and nature. Greg enjoys sailing, bushwalking, overseas adventure travel and cooking.



Lead Senate candidate - Jim Miles

Jim started his working life as a police officer in the N.T. Police. He still fosters connections with indigenous members of the Tiwi Islands. Later he became an officer in the Australian Army where he was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations Medal for flying reconnaissance helicopters in East Timor (UNTAET / INTERFET). He now flies helicopters to offshore rigs in the Timor Sea. Jim has a deep passion for the natural world, particularly that of the oceans and seas.  From his beginnings diving in pristine PNG waters, and being an offshore sailing enthusiast, he has personally witnessed the demise of fish life around Australia and the world, due to population growth pressures. Jim’s major passion in life is the search and discovery of historic wrecks. Jim is temporarily in Melbourne for family reasons and will be moving back to Darwin in 2014.

Senate candidate - Mark Russell

Mark is standing with Jim in order to give all Territorians a choice on population, and particularly to help prevent unsustainable 'development' in Northern Australia.


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