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About Us - Officials

NB: Please direct all contact requests for officials and candidates through the party HQ - use contact link above. Thank you.

National Committee

Official positions in the Sustainable Population Party include:


William Bourke - President and Secretary

See separate profile outline under 'Party Founder and President' page.


Kristofer Spike - Vice-President and Treasurer

Kris Spike is a composer, teacher and sustainability advocate who feels very strongly that the laudable efforts of environment groups will never succeed until the population issue is resolved and stabilised. As well as composing and performing his music as a way to reach people with this message, Kris has had a long involvement with many environmental groups. Kris has a keen interest in bushwalking (see below):


Dr. Jane O’Sullivan - Committee Member

Dr. Jane O'Sullivan is an agricultural scientist and honorary research fellow in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences in The University of Queensland. Jane has studied and written extensively on population issues and participated in population and sustainability conferences in many nations including Uganda in Africa (see below, with colleague Isaac Kabongo, CEO of Uganda's Ecological Christian Organisation):


Christopher Thomas - Committee Member

Christopher sees action on population as imperative in most areas of the world, and as the greatest means to protect nature, provide a respectable quality of life for humans, and fulfil mankind’s potential. Christopher's skills, background and life experience: Born and bred in Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney; First generation Australian to a French mother; Lived with 220 foreign students over 18 years; Diploma ‘Natural Resource management’; Volunteer work with The Greens, The Wilderness Society, National Parks Association; Worked in Organic supermarkets for 4 years; Bachelor of ‘Political Economy & International Relations’; Certificates of English Language Teaching; Coxswain (captain of small vessels); Great appreciation of nature; and an interest in ‘resource and impact credits and economics’.



2014 AGM | Committee Nominations for 2014/15

William Bourke - President and Secretary

Kris Spike - Vice President and Treasurer

Christopher Thomas - Committee Member

Susan Bowes - Committee Member

Jonathan Page - Committee Member



(Acting) National Coordinator, Membership and Administration - Christopher Thomas


State/Territory Coordinators

ACT Coordinator - Geoff Buckmaster

Geoff is a long-standing advocate for population stabilisation and in recent years has served on the ACT and National committees of Sustainable Population Australia. As a corporate strategy specialist in the energy industry, Geoff is accutely aware of the futility in tackling climate change while successive governments continue to boost our numbers at third-world rates.

NSW Coordinator - Christopher Thomas

Christopher is our National Membership & Administration Coordinator, based at HQ in Sydney.

NT Coordinator - Jim Miles

Jim started his working life as a police officer in the N.T. Police. He still fosters connections with indigenous members of the Tiwi Islands. Later he became an officer in the Australian Army where he was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations Medal for flying reconnaissance helicopters in East Timor (UNTAET / INTERFET). He now flies helicopters to offshore rigs in the Timor Sea. Jim has a deep passion for the natural world, particularly that of the oceans and seas. From his beginnings diving in pristine PNG waters, and being an offshore sailing enthusiast, he has personally witnessed the demise of fish life around Australia and the world, due to population growth pressures.

Queensland Coordinator - Aaron Webber

Aaron has recently returned to Queensland after six years living and working in the UK. During his time overseas, he experienced the impacts of overpopulation and became alarmed when hearing of Kevin Rudd's push for a 'Big Australia'. Coming back to a very noticeable population explosion in South East Queensland, he decided to become active and was encouraged by the balanced, fair and forward thinking approach of the Population Party. Having worked for Barclays Bank in London, Aaron also has a keen interest in our economic and debt-based money systems.

SA Coordinator - Gregory Oates

Greg is a process engineer in the energy industry and has worked on operations in remote Australia and in design involving energy efficiency. Greg has a track record of high achievement, including dux of his school, and graduating from Adelaide University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (First-class Honours). Greg's interest in the party arose from the reality that sustainability can not be engineered when lumped with a bulging population, the observation of what makes a good (and bad) place to live whilst on his travels and from listening to the concerns of others.

Tasmanian Coordinator - Susan Bowes 

Susan is based in Hobart and works in the public education and training sector. She firmly believes politicians and media need to accept there is a problem and put population stabilisation at the top of their agenda. She is convinced the Population Party has the vision, progressive policies and practical solutions to help implement a better future.

Victorian Coordinator - Jonathan Page 

Jonathan has a professional background in science and a strong connection with the Australian environment, having spent much of his formative years bushwalking. He treasures the beauty of many other species on this planet and is pained when hearing about the next Australian species under threat due to land clearing or other human activity. Jonathan is also particularly concerned about the housing affordability crisis, which of course, is exacerbated by rapidly growing demand for a finite resource (habitable land in well serviced areas).

WA Coordinator (Acting) - Peter Strachan

Peter Strachan has a science degree, majoring in metallurgy (procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects). He also has tertiary qualifications in finance. Peter is an experienced presenter at major conferences, and has significant media commentary experience on mining and finance issues. He has travelled widely and he lived and worked outside of Australia for a total of 11 years, working in the mining industry in Zambia, Papua New Guinea and Australia and as corporate analyst and stockbroker in the City of London. He now runs an Australian Financial Services licensed, independent financial and corporate analysis business.

NB: Please direct all officials media/contact requests through the party HQ - use contact link. Thank you. 


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