Its population, then the environment, then the economy, stupid!

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BREAKING: SPP calls for national vote on population. Subscribe to eNewsletter for updates.


You can't grow forever in a finite world. Australians deserve a democratic choice on the critical issue that affects everyone and everything - population.

If you support a stable, sustainable, open and tolerant Australia, please read on.


SPP is not a single issue party. Population policy affects everything, from the environment to traffic congestion to housing affordability.

We also have a broad range of other policy priorities, and support:

  • Prioritisation of training and education for Australian workers to fill skills shortages
  • Greater transparency regarding political donations and lobbying
  • Banning the sale of any Australian land (housing, agricultural, etc) to foreign buyers
  • Increased education funding, particularly tertiary education
  • Keeping public assets in public hands
  • Action on climate change
  • Increased foreign aid for voluntary family planning and female education
  • More democratic urban planning rules for everyone's back yards and neighbourhoods
  • Zero net migration and the abolition of government birth payments for third and subsequent children
  • ...amongst other things.


From 19 million in 2000, Australia has already grown to more than 23 million today, and under Liberal, Labor and Greens policies, we are on track to double to 40 million by 2050. At the current growth rate, we could hit 100 million this century – that's within the lifetime of a child born today.

This rapid population growth is already destroying Australia's environment and quality of life.

The Sustainable Population Party advocates significantly slowing population growth from the current record growth of over 400,000 per annum (a new Canberra!). From 23 million today, we should aim to stabilise at around 26 million by 2050, not 40 million and rising.

National research confirms that over 70 percent of Australians reject the Liberal / Labor / Greens 'big Australia' policy outcome of around 40 million by 2050.

Against the will of the people, population growth has largely been driven by big business donating to politicians, then demanding more customers and cheaper (pre-trained) labour for their large-scale enterprises, like high-rise developments, toll roads and supermarkets.

SPP is not anti-immigration. We are a low-immigration, pro-immigrant party and have proudly welcomed migrants from every inhabited continent on Earth as members of SPP.

Importantly, population is also a global issue. Australia should lead by example, yet also provide support to other countries experiencing rapid population growth, so as to help them stabilise their populations, and thus help stabilise global population.


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Australia needs #RealGrowth, not population growth. That's growth in quality of life, not quantity: Read More

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