Its population, then the environment, then the economy, stupid!

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In 2000 when Australia hosted the Sydney Olympics, Australia’s population was 19 million.

At the time the ABS predicted that: “Australia's population as a whole is projected to grow from the current size of 19 million to between 24 and 28 million over the next 50 years.”

However, in an unprecedented period of rapid population growth since 2000, Australia’s population has already grown over 20 percent to 23 million in 2013, and is now in track to double to 40 million by 2050.

In little over a decade, Australia has added over 4 million people – the equivalent of another Sydney! The major driver has been the tripling of our annual net overseas migration, from around 70,000 in the 1990s to around 240,000 in 2013.

Due to this rapid population growth, the Prime Minister’s Department was forced to admit that ‘the quality of life for Australians is falling’.

Population growth is the underlying and often unreported issue causing or exacerbating all of Australia's major problems.

Against the public's wishes, population growth has largely been driven by wealthy elites who donate to our politicians and then demand more customers and cheaper labour for their large-scale enterprises, like housing developments, mines and tollways.

Successive Liberal and Labor governments have deliberately driven our extreme and unsustainable growth, with the complicit support of The Australian Greens. No major political party or environmental group has the courage to talk about stabilising Australia's population.

SPP says let's slow down and aim to stabilise at around 26 million by 2050.

National research confirms that over 70 percent of Australians reject the Liberal / Labor / Greens 'big Australia' policy outcome of around 40 million (and rising) by 2050.


Do you support rapid population growth and the deterioration of Australia’s quality of life?

YES - Support the Liberals, Labor or The Greens.

NO -  Support the Sustainable Population Party, like Dick Smith.

Australia needs real growth, not population growth - that's growth in quality of life, not quantity.

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SPP is not a single issue party. Population policy affects everything and everyone.
We also have a broad range of policies, and support:
  • Increased foreign aid for voluntary family planning and female education
  • Action on climate change
  • Prioritisation of Australian workers to fill skills shortages
  • No sale of Australian housing or agricultural land to foreign citizens or companies
  • Greater housing affordability
  • Keeping public assets in public hands
  • Greater transparency regarding political donations and lobbying
  • More democratic urban planning rules
  • ...amongst other things.
Australia needs #RealGrowth, not population growth: Read More
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