Its population, then the environment, then the economy, stupid!

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Established in 2010, Sustainable Population Party is a registered political party, contesting federal elections and by-elections.

We are  a group of committed people from backgrounds in business, science, the environment, health, academia, demography, politics and many other ordinary citizens, from World War 2 Diggers to migrants from every inhabited continent on Earth.


Sustainable Population Party is #RedefiningGrowth to secure a prosperous economy, healthy environment and better quality of life for all Australians.

Prosperous Economy | How to achieve real growth?

  • Invest in better education and skills training to improve job security and workforce participation, whilst fostering innovation.
  • Encourage a diverse range of productive industries, to increase export income and employment.
  • Maintain a natural economic advantage via careful management of our food, water, energy and mineral resources.

Healthy Environment | How to achieve real growth?

  • Protect animal habitats and biodiversity including native bushland and marine areas.
  • Promote greater community participation in the conservation of recreational areas.
  • Support clean energy technologies and lower greenhouse emissions.

Better Quality of Life | How to achieve real growth?

  • Improve access to quality health care and emergency services.
  • Enable more affordable, well-planned and desirable housing.
  • Relieve congestion on our public transport and roads, to increase family and leisure time.

Australia can be better, without being bigger. We need real growth, not population growth.

As part of our #RedefiningGrowth plan, we also reject the Liberal / National / Labor / Greens agenda to double Australia's population to around 40 million by 2050. We support a target of around 26 million.

To secure a prosperous economy, healthy environment and better quality of life for all Australians:



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